Beginning of Advent – 12/3/2017

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Dear Praying Friends,

Happy Advent season to you all! Today I had the opportunity to open up our Advent Series by preaching on Christ – the Coming of the True and Greater Prophet.  The gospel is filled with hope, but the hope that comes in the advent of Christ only comes in light of the horror of our own hearts.  While this was one of the more difficult sermons I had to preach for a variety reasons, it definitely refreshed my heart as I prepared.  I was reminded that as Christians we really do have the best message we can offer this world, but it is a hope that can only come through the faithful proclamation of facing the horror of our sin.  In a culture, especially in Boston, where we don’t like to be told what’s wrong with us, I was personally reminded that facing the sin in and around us is perhaps more important than ever.


About a month ago it was a special treat to have Pat and Jeanne Freeman visit the church on a Sunday I was preaching.  They came with their son Daniel shortly before rushing to the airport to catch their flight back home.  We felt very supported and loved that they would carve out the time to visit and worship with us.  It was a reminder of God’s provision and care, especially from our supporters and friends back “home.”  While Boston, MA already feels home in many ways we do miss our friends and the relationships we have left behind.  We are grateful to feel ongoing support from people like the Freemans and Intown Community Church.


Weeks ago I had the opportunity to also preach a sermon entitled “Where the Truth Lies” which was an exploration of the ninth commandment. One of the things that I focused on is how as a church we are inclined to “posing” and pretending to be better than we really are.  I really do think this is a problem that is prevalent to all of mankind.  A lot of the sermon was heavily influenced from various Wellspring Retreats which I attended as part of Intown.  I remember God had been faithful to put certain men in my life to help heal parts of my life that not only needed to be exposed, but to be healed.  Because of what Christ has done for us on the cross, bearing our humiliation and because of what he says about us, we can find the courage to take off our masks.


On the heels of that, both Kendra and myself have really enjoyed community group.  We have both been extremely encouraged at the ongoing depths to which people have been sharing.  People having been sharing their life and grace stories with our group and have been courageously taking off their own masks with each other. We are both strengthened to continue to bring our hearts to this church because we have both been pleasantly surprised at the risks that these men and women have been taking. Please pray for ongoing growth, community, fellowship, healing, and budding life in the community group.  Please pray that I would be able to provide better guidance and leadership for all the community groups as a whole.  I’ll update you on some challenges and ideas in another email.  You can listen to the sermon entitled “Where the Truth Lies” here:


One of the most exciting things for Kendra has been getting to know our neighborhood. Since the twins have switched schools, it seems like we are meeting new people all the time. Yesterday, we attended the Christmas Tree Lighting in our immediate neighborhood (Hyde Square) and we were amazed by how many people we ran into that we knew from school or from neighborhood shops and businesses.  Kendra is loving being in a neighborhood where we can walk to friend’s houses and walk to school. Please pray for more relationships to develop and for urgency and courage for Kendra as she initiates conversations. Pray for Kendra as she begins the crazy season of Christmas celebrations and the twins’ birthday plans. Our apartment in Jamaica Plain is much smaller than our house in Atlanta, so she is struggling to find a venue to fit everyone we would like to attend. Space always seems to be an issue up here.


It hasn’t snowed up here yet but we all have our winter gear ready and are enjoying the brisk temperatures. There is nothing cuter than little kids in snow hats and snow boots! We so appreciate your continued prayers and are when its March and some of ya’ll are back in your flip flops, I wont lie, we may be a bit jealous!




Stevo & Kendra Yang

Jamaica Plain, MA

December 3rd, 2017

Trick or Treating with Neighbors, Ongoing Mentorship – 11/8/2017



Dear Praying Friends,

Things are starting to get chilly up here in Boston. The kids are all bundled up on our walk to school each morning but I don’t think they have begun to comprehend what real winter in Boston will feel like!


The kids are adjusting well to their new school and Kendra has begun to get to know some of the families in Karis and Judah’s class. We were invited to go trick or treating with one of the families in their class and we got to meet lots of families who live right up the street from us!  Please pray that we would continue to get to know people and make friends not only with the twins’ classmates but also with other people in the neighborhood.


Things at the church have been going well and we are continuing to have visitors on Sundays and are enjoying leading our weekly community group. Kendra has been enjoying being the communication director for the church and has enjoyed being in charge of the newsletter and the social media for the church. Recently, two new people were added to the diaconate.

Steve also continues to get mentorship and support.  One of the pastors that Steve has been meeting regularly is Omar Ortiz, a pastor from Florida, who has been brought on not long ago to work closely with apprentices such as Steve.  Steve has enjoyed meeting regularly with Omar and continues to get a lot of support in the network as a result.  Bob Sawyer, the church planting director, is the other elder  in the picture (In the bottom picture:  Omar is to the right & Bob to the left).  Bob continues to provide administrative support and various opportunities to further Steve’s development.  Recently Steve enjoyed doing liturgy for the congregational meeting and worship service this past weekend.


We ask for your prayers as Steve will be preaching several times in November and December. December is also typically a busy month for Steve’s nurse recruiting work so please pray he would have time to balance all his sermon prep with his recruiting job and holiday excitement


We appreciate all your prayers


Stevo & Kendra Yang

Jamaica Plain, MA

November 8th, 2017

Establishing New Roots – 10/15/2017

IMG_7405Dear Praying Friends,


Thank you for your ongoing prayers, encouragements, and words.  We wanted to provide a brief update on some things so that you can pray for us more specifically.

This past Tuesday our children started going to a new elementary school.  The Friday prior we learned that our kids gotten into John F. Kennedy, which was our second choice of school and one for which we had been waitlisted. The news was sudden and we definitely had mixed emotions, as our kids were already emotionally attached to their teacher even after just three weeks.  We are thankful for the move.  Not only is the school better rated than the previous school, it is also a lot smaller, has more diversity and our kids get more physical activity.  They already got to attend a field trip where they got to go apple picking with their new classmates.  It was good timing.

While we are excited and encouraged by the diversity of our kids’ new elementary school, we also realize that it can come with some challenges.  The school has many diverse worldviews and as we venture into a public school experience, we ask for prayer as we teach our children the worldview of Christianity among many competing voices. Pray for God to give us wisdom in how we engage with others and how we engage with and teach our children.

Today, Kendra and the kids joined the church at Christ the King in Jamaica Plain and Roxbury.  Kendra has been thriving and enjoying her new role as communication director and we have really been enjoying hosting and leading community group.  This past week I got to share my grace story.  Many of you have heard my story in one form or another.  While it took some courage, it is my desire to help build real Christian community where Christians get to know each other and speak love and truth into each others’ lives.  Too often we feel the pressure to perform and appear better than we really are and we put up a false self. Church is the one place where we need to be able to bring who we really are but it is often the one place where we feel like we can’t.  We hope that we can help set the tone to encourage authenticity and to help the church be a community that can engage hearts and speak the truth in love.

Today at church we met a wonderful young couple named Dariun and Whitney who came for the first time.  We hope that they felt welcome today.  Since we have moved church locations we have had a lot of visitors.  A good handful have stayed.  Our church, as a whole, has appeared much more diverse than it did a month ago.  And when we interacted with Dariun and Whitney we got the sense that the church has become a lot more welcoming.  Not only were there people on a newly designated welcome team making their rounds welcoming new people like this couple, but it appears as though it has become a much more welcoming church for visitors as a whole since we joined.  We are optimistically excited about how the church’s change in location is giving us a renewed sense of missional energy.  We have various teams playing their part.  We have a team that put together a community gathering to pick apples together, we have a team prayerfully organizing tangible ways to love the communities around us (e.g. putting together Thanksgiving dinner).  There is a lot to be encouraged about.


I ask that you will pray for three things in particular

  1. Please pray that the Sunday service “set up” and “tear down” team will get much needed support.  It is a physical burden for many and probably the biggest reason for exhaustion among church members.  We are in need of more bodies willing to help.  Watching the amount of people helping to tear down was encouraging, but as a whole we need to find more volunteers and creative ways to spread out the burden and support the volunteers who have served faithfully for years.
  2. Please pray for a summer intern and the right person who can help us for some summer activities we are praying for and hoping to implement. We are hoping to bring various missions teams to come join us so that we can be a more visible and tangible presence in the community.  This summer we had a church from Tennessee join us for a week and they helped us to put together a sports camp where the kids played various sports and organized games and drills with the missions team and where we had the chance to talk to them about the peace of Christ.  We are prayerfully considering doing that on a wider scale with more churches.  We are hoping that an intern can help us with some much needed administrative help.  I hope to play a part to get things moving in the right direction in the meantime.
  3. Please pray for our friend Paul and others like him. He is a political refugee who started attending our church shortly after we moved up here.  We have become good friends and he recently got a new job after almost 4 months of unemployment.  He’ll be a full-time student while starting a 50-60 hour a week job working the night shift.  Join us in praising God for the new job and pray that he will succeed there and also enjoy it as a ministry.  Please also pray for strength, rest and his physical health as well as his connection to the church at large as his new hours will not allow him to be a part of his community group.





Stevo & Kendra Yang

Jamaica Plain, MA

October 15th, 2017

New Groups, New Roles, New Rhythm – 10/01/2017

IMG_8097Dear Praying Friends,


We wanted to provide you with some updates about community groups, about Kendra’s role as communications director, our desire for multi-ethnic ministry, and also a quick update on our home front.




We started four community groups for our Fall launch and each group has met 2-3 times.  Right now as director of community groups my role will be to oversee the growth and monitor the health of these groups while providing direction and vision in clarifying the purpose of these groups.

We are in process of trying out a few things to not only incorporate new people, but also to build deep community among Christians.  By empowering and entrusting each group to do service projects as well as host a community event to which to invite non-Christian friends this quarter, we hope that we would become a church that more intentionally exists to invite our non-Christian friends and neighbors.

We are hoping to build community by sharing our own personal stories staggered throughout the semester.  We hope that this will build deeper community and build rich and meaningful relationships in such a transient city.  This practice will also allow us to be better equipped to share our stories with others.

The challenge with these groups is to make sure that each group has a critical mass but that clear purpose, vision, and support is provided for each leader.  We are hoping to put in place an apprenticeship program where each team has an apprentice so that we can potentially develop new leaders to start new groups down the line.  Kendra and I are hosting and leading a group at our home every Wednesday night, please pray for our community group as well as the other three which meet throughout the week in Jamaica Plain and Roxbury.



Just this past week Kendra was asked by our lead pastor to take over the role of Communications Director for our congregation.  The bulk of this involves sending out the weekly newsletter and keeping the congregation updated about events and announcements by way of social media and Sunday morning announcements.  Please pray for Kendra as she assumes these new responsibilities while juggling the responsibilities of being a full time twin wrangler 😀



Randy Nabors, a pastor, who asessed us for church planting back in 2013, came to Boston this past weekend to teach us how to intentionally create a multi-ethnic ministry.  We were challenged with the need to not only ask good questions, but to intentionally seek out ways in which we can reach the communities around us.  This past weekend was not only challenging but it also provided us a good framework in which we can make everything aligned with our vision to create a multi-ethnic ministry and thereby better reflect the communities around us.  This was one of the reasons why Kendra and myself were excited to move to Boston in general and to work with pastor Logan and Melissa at the Jamaica Plain & Roxbury site.



Please continue to pray for Karis and Judah after their first two weeks of Kindergarten. Pray especially for Judah as he has a harder time adjusting to a scheduled and structured environment and misses the “free time” he had as a preschooler. He also had a rough first day which resulted in a lot of paranoia, dread, and fear in the following weeks.  Pray also for Kendra as she is learning how to best care for the kids after a very long day of school.  We also are trying to figure out a good healthy rhythm to balance out our lives.  Things are already getting really busy on all fronts and we want to prioritize our marriage and our family, while trying to serve our church community and invest in people.  We ask that you will pray that we will discern how to best maximize our time and that we would be intentional in the way God leads us.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers.  We ask that God will continue to empower us to engage with truth and love, speaking into and loving this city and the people God continues to bring into our lives.  Thank you also for your birthday wishes.  We also went out for a quick dinner to celebrate our tenth year anniversary.  In the midst of all the business and noise we are reminded of what is of upmost importance – to guard and protect our marriage and family.  Please pray for God’s ongoing protection and for our ability to engage one another and our children well.





Stevo & Kendra Yang

Jamaica Plain, MA

October 1st, 2017

New Building, New People, New School – 09/10/2017


Dear praying friends,



It was about two years ago when Kendra and I first visited Boston and we knew we wanted to be a part of the CTK network.  When we first visited the church in Jamaica Plain / Roxbury was meeting at the Sam Adams building.  We loved pastor Logan and Melissa’s heart for multi-ethnic ministry and a multi-ethnic congregation.  We wanted to be a part of seeing that vision become a reality in JP/Roxbury in particular and at Boston at large.  Since our first visit we have seen the congregation go through a lot of changes.  Now that we have finally arrived we continue to see the congregation evolve.  The church has outgrown its previous space and today we launched our first official service at our new location – at City on a Hill school.  The new facility is not only very capacious, it also puts us in a very strategic area.  The first thing we noticed as we drove to church was the big church sign off a major street that gives the church a lot more visibility.  It is also located walking distance from the T, the city’s major train/transit system, as well as a major bus stop.  We hope and pray that the church will continue to grow in size and influence in the city of Jamaica Plain & Roxbury.  The other thing that the church location does is give us the potential to become a lot more diverse in every way (social-economically, racially, etc.).  The majority of the church still comes from Jamaica Plain, but we did have a lot of visitors today who seemed to be from the Roxbury area.  We hope that we will continue as a church to reflect the Kingdom of God in all its rich diversity.  Today we were encouraged by the turn out and several visitors who were invited by friends.  I met a PhD student from Southern California, two seekers from Roxbury who are interested in further Bible study, a woman who showed up because of a flyer we mailed out, and a young professional who is new to the city.


One of my (Steve’s) responsibilities is to oversee community groups.  We are starting with four community groups this fall and are hoping to find the best way to incorporate visitors and seekers into the rest of the Body.  Some of these groups have already been in existence previously and one of our leaders has moved to a new location, giving us four groups to start.  Kendra and I will be hosting one group in our home and it is my hope to either start a new group for new people or to get more involved in discipling seekers and skeptics.  Right now Kendra and I are asking for discernment on where to spend our time and energy.  We want to pour our time and energy where our greatest passions and gifts meet the church’s greatest needs and opportunities.  Right now it is our heart to see new people get incorporated into the body, seekers and skeptics feel welcome and bring their questions and skepticism.  We ask that you will pray that God use us to bring and welcome more people into the life of the church.


On the home front all four of the Yangs are sick.  We had a great time celebrating our 10 year anniversary in Maine while the kiddos had a great time with their Aunt and Grandmother, but we have been sick before, during and after our trip. Please pray for health and rest, esp. since it feels like we’ve had at least someone in our family sick for over a month.


Also, drumroll, the Twangs start school TOMORROW! Monday, September 11th is their first day of Kindergarten.  Although Hennigan School was not our first choice in elementary schools, Kendra took the kiddos in on Friday to meet their teacher and see their classroom and everyone is very excited! We are still high on the waiting list at the other school but don’t know what will happen with that, so we are just going with what we have now! Although Henegan did not rank highly in school based on the “official rankings” (who gets to decide that anyhow?), it is located walking distance from our home.  Kendra can walk them to school every morning!  Pray for health and endurance for the kiddos for their first full day of school (9:30-4:10!) especially in light of having just recovered from their colds and also that they would find friends, have fun and learn a lot!  And please pray for their safety as the school is adjacent to a pretty rough part of town.  We also hope that this will be an opportunity for them to share the love of Christ in their own way.  We have informed them that they will encounter children with other worldviews.  We hope and pray that it will not only strengthen their faith and sharpen them as they interact with other worldviews at an early age, but that it will make us more humble and prayerful parents and better witnesses in our community.


After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands, and crying out with a loud voice, “Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!” (Revelation 7:9-10)





Stevo & Kendra Yang

Jamaica Plain, MA

September 10th, 2017


The Church is on the Move to Roxbury – 08/20/2017



Dear praying friends,


Greetings from Boston! As the summer draws to a close, thank you for remembering us and Boston in your thoughts and prayers! There is a lot of transition going on here with our church of Christ the King- Jamaica Plain/Roxbury.  We ask that you will continue to pray for us.


After meeting at the Samuel Adams Brewery Complex for the last several years, the time has come for us to move.  While we originally contemplated the move to increase much needed space, we were recently noticed a couple months ago that we would no longer be able to meet at our current location.  After searching for months we secured a new location at City on Hill School in Roxbury.  Today was our last service at the Brewery in Jamaica Plain.  While we have loved our time worshipping at the brewery, which a very central, hip, and recognizable location, we are also excited about the possibilities at our new location.


Our new spot will be much further into Roxbury than any one in our congregation currently lives and will allow us to potentially better reach people and neighborhoods that we haven’t previously. And this is both scary and exciting! Pray for our church as we move, that God be preparing us to bring the gospel to this new area in which he has placed us.


One of the things that I (Steve) have been able to assist with is with the development of organization and structure.  The pastors and staff have put together org charts, job descriptions, and have been able to delineate division of labor and tasks within the body.  Last week we met with some key ministry leaders and we have all been encouraged by the energy, synthesis, and unity of mission.  We are all wanting to become a church best equipped to use all our various gifts to love, welcome, and reach the various communities surrounding our new location.


Mailers will be sent out to strategic neighborhoods throughout Roxbury & Jamaica Plain.  While we are hoping that these mailers will be an investment that will pay dividends, and while we hope that they will help the community know we are moving to the new neighborhood, we also realize that the church as a whole needs to work synthetically, strategically, and prayerfully to be a welcoming, loving, and serving church to reach and love its neighbors well.  We will move into our new location next week.  The next couple weeks will functionally serve as a semi-rehearsal in which we hope to be fully ramped up for our “opening service” on September 10th.  This only gives us two weeks to get everything worked out and for the flow of the service and various teams working synthetically.  We are asking the community to join us at our new location Sunday, September 10th.  Please keep us in prayer as we try to piece things together.  Please pray that we will be desperate for God to reach and love the people.  The church as a whole is learning just how desperate and needy we are.  I don’t think that’s a bad place for us to be in.


As for our family, Kendra and I are both recovering from some sort of bug.  The children will also be going to school  starting Tuesday September 11th The kids have been placed in an elementary school very close to our home which does not have the greatest ratings. We are, however, number 5 and 6 on the waitlist at a much “better” ranked school also near us. It’s very possible we may get placed in the better ranked school but it may not happen until the 1st or 2nd week of the school year. We know that ultimately God is sovereign over where our kids attend school.  We do, however, desire the best education for our kids and we would love to have them in the better school before the year starts. Only God knows what is best for our kiddos, so we place their education in his hands.  Please pray that we will trust God in this process, esp. during this very unsettled and uncertain moment of our children’s (and therefore our) lives.


Lastly, Kendra will be taking the kids to her mom’s and sisters so that Kendra and myself can celebrate our 10th year anniversary a little bit early this year in Maine.  Please pray for safe travels, for a sense of renewal and enjoyable celebration.  Please pray that our time away will strengthen our marriage and give us a new dedicated sense of energy, focus, and purpose for our time here in Boston, MA.  Thank you for your prayers for our marriage, our family, and our church.  As go through various transitions we covet and thank you for your prayers.  We are excited to be here in Boston and often feel carried by your prayers.  Feeling supported and empowered.


With thanks,

Stevo & Kendra Yang

Jamaica Plain, MA

August 20th, 2017

Sharing the Peace of Christ, the Love of Christ in Boston – 07/26/2017


Dear Praying Friends,


We are asking for your prayers for a couple different congregations in our network.  The church where we are serving in Jamaica Plain & Roxbury has been looking for a facility in which to worship for quite some time.  We received news that we had to leave when the lease ended at the end of August because it was going to be used for a different matter.  It has been very difficult for the church to find a place and the place we wanted turned us down.  It has been back to the drawing board and has been the primary stressor for our pastoral team.  Please join us in prayer.


We also received news this week that another church in the network that meets at Dorchester has also been looking for a place in which to worship.  This week the building was condemned by the city of Boston for being unsafe.  The congregation had to switch service times temporarily to 4pm at another facility.  We praise God that they congregation has been given a place to meet until Labor Day.


We recently finished Sports Camp (VBS) where we invited the neighborhood to play organized sports.  We had Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church in Knoxville Tennessee who sent a missions team to assist us with what turned out to be a well attended Sports Camp.  It was not only an opportunity to serve the community to provide children in the neighborhood something fun to do in the Summer, but it was an opportunity to share about Jesus.  Each day I had the opportunity to teach kids and their parents about peace.  We looked at how Jesus brings us a peace that is completely unlike the way the world gives and how his peace is filled with wholeness, justice, and forgiveness.  It has been awhile since I taught young kids and it was actually quite enjoyable.  Moreover, families have asked us about where we are planning on moving the church since some of them were interested in attending.  I was reminded this week of the story from one of the elders in the network who came to Christ through one of these camps where some random people came into their neighborhood and taught them about Jesus.  He said it was the only time anyone ever really told him about who Jesus was but it is something he always believed in as a little child.  I know it is very possible that the gospel may be heard for the first time by these children and I pray that God will have sown a seed in these children’s lives and that they could dare believe that it is true.  Please pray that these children will come to believe and that these parents, who appreciated what we did for the kids, will have tasted the service and love of Christ.  We pray that it will continue to lead to good conversations.


The first time I preached in the church a couple weeks ago I met a friend named Paul.  It was his first time attending church in years and he said that he was touched by the message of Jesus’ love.  When he found out that I was preaching at another church within the network he drove over 40 minutes to join me there.  Here is a picture of him hanging out with us after lunch.


This past Sunday I preached on Ephesians 3:14-19 on “The Beloved.”  The only problem is that leading up to the sermon I didn’t feel like the beloved.  There is perhaps nothing worse than for a preacher having to speak about the love of Christ when I wasn’t feeling it myself.  I reached out to some of you to pray for me.  I’m glad you did.  I believe that the biggest benefactor to the sermon was perhaps myself.  It is a rich passage that finally became rich for me by the time I went up to share of the magnitude of God’s love.  The sermon can be found here: or .


Thank you for your prayers and support and for partnering with us so that we can share the love of Christ in the city of Boston!  I, Steve, type this on my own computer.


”Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.” – Ephesians 3:20-21


Stevo & Kendra Yang

Jamaica Plain, MA

July 25th, 2017


image1 (1)


Meet, Listen, Learn – 07/03/2017


Dear Praying Friends,


Happy Independence Day! Hope that you’re having a great fourth away from work and with people you love. We appreciate your continued prayers for us as things are picking up ministry-wise up here in Boston.


I’ve spent the last several weeks attending various community groups and getting together with various people.  We’ve had several individuals over and are having various couples over at our place in the next couple weeks.  We got to meet Paul whose first Sunday was when I preached my first sermon.  It was encouraging to hear that he really resonated with the content and heart of the message (  He is currently looking for a job and my background with preemployment has proven to be somewhat helpful.  Please pray for his search and many others in the body who are going through various transitions.  Please pray that we will be able to relate well given our recent transition to Boston, but that we will have an impact on those who are at various crossroads in life.


Our church is putting on a sports camp in the next several weeks. I will teach all three days and we are thankful for the opportunity to teach kids and families about Jesus.  Please pray that many unchurched will be further exposed to our church and its presence in the community. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to use this opportunity to plant seeds in children and perhaps hear about Jesus and his work for the first time.


The pictures above and below are of Kitzner, who has been a member of CTK-JP/Roxbury for several years, it was great to have him over for dinner and introduce him to my signature drink, the “Old FashYANGed”. We were able to talk a little bit about our neighborhood and brainstorm about some things we can do to reach people here in JP/Roxbury. As Kendra and I are still new here, it’s important for us to listen and learn about the surrounding communities and the neighborhood’s culture.  We are learning a lot just by hearing people’s stories, discovering how they found the church, why they stayed and about their passions.  Please pray that as we get to know people that we’ll not only learn about the various communities that surround the church, but will develop meaningful relationships with people.  Pray that out of these get togethers we will receive encouraging fellowship and lasting friendships.


In a couple weeks I’ll be preaching at various Christ the King campuses (Dorchester on 7/30 and at Grace South Shore on 7/23).  When we decided to come up here to Boston we said we were looking forward to the opportunity to preach at a wide range of locations.  We hoped that this would get us further exposed to various congregations in the network, and become better acquainted with the city of Boston as a whole.  Please pray for many more opportunities that will provide us with a wide range of experience in the city at large.


As a family, please continue to pray for the twins’ school placement (we should find out soon) and for the kids who are still settling in but are missing the friendly and familiar! There have been a couple shootings over the last couple weeks in the area. Please pray for our community, for peace and healing. Please pray for our ongoing safety and for the sense of his protection as we continue to raise our children in the city.


Thank you for your love, support, and prayers.  They are much needed and help to carry us as we acquaint ourselves with our new home.


Stevo & Kendra Yang

Jamaica Plain, MA

July 3rd, 2017


First Sermon Complete – 06/21/2017


Dear Praying Friends,


I was excited to be able to give my first sermon at Christ the King-Jamaica Plain/Roxbury on Sunday. It was great to be able to preach so soon after moving up here and to be able to share with the church some of my story. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!


You can follow here:



Stevo & Kendra Yang

Jamaica Plain, MA

June 21st, 2017

Installation Complete! – 06/12/2017


Thank you for your prayers.  Just a quick update.  We had the installation service yesterday.  We even received a nice welcome card from one of the children (see picture).  😀  I’ll be preparing a sermon to continue the Ephesian series for this coming Sunday.  I’ll be preaching from Ephesians 2:11-13.  Please keep me in prayer as I allow the Holy Spirit to help me reflect upon all that he has rescued me from by his blood and toi think through its implications for the church today.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit will pierce my own heart and make my own heart gallop and then that he will help me properly diagnose this new congregation and bring the gospel in a fresh and compelling way.
Steve Yang
Jamaica Plain, MA
June 12, 2017